Pengaruh Literatur Keuangan dalam Membantu Mengatur Keuangan dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari


  • Nisa Nurudzati Syifa Universitas Siliwangi
  • Myda Syahdini Universitas Siliwangi
  • Betanika Nila Nirbita Universitas Siliwangi



Literacy, Financial


Financial literacy has long been recognized as one characteristic that influences decision-making. Where financial literacy involves one's financial knowledge, abilities, and attitudes. Someone with a high level of financial literacy is able to avoid bad events in financial matters. Such as avoiding large amounts of debt and other financial problems caused by inadequate decisions or poor financial management. High financial literacy can help effective financial management, because even if someone has a high salary, it will be difficult to achieve prosperity in the financial sector if management is poor. It is hoped that this financial literacy will help us gain a better understanding of how to manage our finances effectively in order to live a more prosperous life in the future and protect us from various types of fraud in the financial sector.