Pelatihan English for Tourism untuk Mendukung Desa Wisata


  • Santiana Santiana Universitas Siliwangi
  • Dea Silvani Universitas Siliwangi
  • Sitti Syakira Universitas Siliwangi
  • Asri Siti Fatimah Universitas Siliwangi
  • Dila Prila Jayuna Universitas Siliwangi



Community service program, English for Tourism, Tourism village


This community service program aims to improve the knowledge, and basic English skills of the people of Sukasetia and Sukamukti Villages, Cisayong District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java, especially about English both in theory and practice. This program involves people from both villages. The methods in this service are Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating which include providing material covering the basics of English which is specific to English for Tourism, and mini conversation practice by doing role plays that realize the material provided. The results of this program are expected that participants will have the basics of English and can practice related English for Tourism when in the field in order to support the creation of a Tourism Village. In addition, it is hoped that the interest and enthusiasm of the training participants will increase with interesting, interactive, and contextual learning so that it will be more meaningful.