Pelatihan Membaca Kritis Menulis Kreatif Guna Mengembangkan Kecakapan Bernalar Mahasiswa Dalam Menulis Artikel untuk Publikasi di Jurnal terakreditasi di Kota Bengkulu


  • Dian Eka Chandra Wardhana FKIP Universitas Bengkulu



Reasoning, Accredited Journal, Critical Reading


Critical reading and creative writing training to develop students' reasoning skills in writing articles for accredited journals in Bengkulu City is very important, this is useful for following up on the results of PISA 2022, Recognition of Indonesian by UNESCO, 2023 and manuscripts that are still written based on fantasy, wishful thinking author, circular. The novelty in this training is training in critical and evaluative reading activities of texts for creative writing. The training method used is the training program process model proposed by Leagens. This model is an instructional model that contains the components of situation, problem, goal, and ways to achieve the goal or S-M-T-C. Data on this service activity was taken using a pre-test and post-test with an article text instrument containing argumentative statements formulated by referring to the taxonomy of critical thinking. Service data analysis was analyzed using the T test. The results of the training obtained were changes in the behavior of students and teachers (subjects) of the training as evidenced by the results of data analysis collected using the T test. The results of the training were the average value of the instrument answers by respondents in the pre-test amounting to 56.63, which is lower when compared to the average value of the instrument answers in the post test by respondents, namely 72.60. The t test results show that the one-tail P(T<=t) value is 0.00. This shows that the pre-test value is significantly different from the post-test value because the one-tail P(T<=t) value is lower than the 5% level (0.05).