Pelatihan Pembuatan Produk Minuman Herbal Dari Jahe di Kecamatan Muara Bulian


  • Sri Harimurti Universitas Graha Karya Muara Bulian
  • Epit Erwandri Universitas Graha Karya Muara Bulian
  • Anita Nofrianti Universitas Graha Karya Muara Bulian
  • Erni Sari Rezeki Universitas Graha Karya Muara Bulian
  • Nariban Nariban Universitas Graha Karya Muara Bulian



Training, Herbal drink, and Ginger


Muara Bulian District is located in the center of Batang Hari Regency City and has 21 neighborhood associations. Muara Bulian District has a variety of plant species that can be cultivated and have medicinal properties. Herbal drink is a type of drink that uses natural ingredients and is very beneficial for the body as a supplement drink. Medicinal Plantsbetter known as TOGA are synonymous with rhizome plants. Ginger rhizome plants are the most widely used and used as herbal drinks. Herbal drinks are usually packaged in powder form so that this is practical to serve. Community service activities aim to (1) Provide information to service participants about herbal drinks and compound elements present in ginger plants and (2) Providetraining to service participants on how to make herbal beverage products from ginger. The objects of community service activities are house wives and young women in the Muara Bulian Village. The method used is in the form of counseling and mentoring. The results of the 30 participant questionnaires showed that 22 participants wanted to take part in the training on making ginger drink products that can beused as herbal medicine. The conclusions from this activity were (1) The community service participants were familiar with herbal drinks from ginger but did not know about the content of the compounds present in ginger, and (2) Training on making herbal drink products from ginger was very useful because it could be used as medicine and also as a business opportunity.