Kreasi Desain Publikasi oleh Pemuda Desa Ngluwar Magelang


  • Atmaja Septa Miyosa Sekolah Tinggi Multi Media "MMTC"
  • Suparna Suparna Sekolah Tinggi Multi Media "MMTC"
  • Surasa Surasa Sekolah Tinggi Multi Media "MMTC"
  • Sugiyo Winoto Sekolah Tinggi Multi Media "MMTC"
  • sudarman sudarman Sekolah Tinggi Multi Media "MMTC"



Training, Design, Publication, Social Media


The ability to create publication designs is needed by the community in the Ngluwar Village area, Magelang Regency, Central Java to communicate various information and announcements, especially on social media. The aim of this activity is to train community members in Ngluwar Village to be able to create informative publication designs. The training was carried out by lecturers from the Sekolah Tinggi Multi Media with 20 participants from Ngluwar Village from 18 to 21 September 2023 at the Ngluwar Village Head Hall. The method used is through lectures, questions and answers, demonstrations, work evaluation. The material presented includes information identification techniques, layout creation, text and image composition, color selection, and presentation in digital form. The results of the training are informative design works with social and commercial themes that are ready to be published on social media.