Pendampingan Inovasi Dendeng Kulit Singkong (Denlitkong) pada Pelaku UMKM berbasis Singkong di Kabupaten OKU


  • Fifian Permata Sari Universitas Baturaja
  • Munajat Munajat Universitas Baturaja



Innovations, Cassava Skin, MSMEs


Cassava is a commodity that is widely grown in Indonesia because Indonesia's fertile soil makes this plant very easy to grow and cultivate. The results are also widely used as raw material for making flour, cakes, crackers and chips. Many MSMEs use cassava raw materials for reprocessing because the price is cheap and widely available. Concern about the large amount of household waste, especially cassava peel in several MSMEs that use cassava as raw materials, led to the emergence of the idea of ​​processing cassava peel into a new processed food ingredient, namely cassava peel jerky (denlitkong). The aim of this assistance is to create new businesses with product innovations from raw materials that are widely available to partners. This assistance is carried out by collaborating with chip MSMEs whose operations always use cassava raw materials and so far cassava peel has been a waste material or household waste from these MSMEs. In this way, cassava skin jerky has become an innovative product that can provide additional income for cassava-based MSMEs. The method used is the lecture method and direct practice targeting the fields of production and business management through training and mentoring partners. The results of the assistance are expected to grow new businesses that can provide additional income for partners.